Criminal Defence

We focus primarily on criminal law representation as well as civil litigation related to family and child protection law.

Robert Brooks makes every effort to ensure that accused persons are entirely aware of the challenges they face, completely informed about potential legal strategies and well-prepared to move forward and resolve what is often a very stressful and troubling episode in their lives.

Robert has experience in all types of criminal matters including, but not limited to: assault, domestic assault, assault causing bodily harm, aggravated assault, conspiracy to commit murder, criminal negligence causing death, murder, robbery, weapons offences, theft, fraud, sexual offences, impaired driving and other crimes related to the operation of motor vehicles.

Media Protocol

We have considerable experience dealing with the media. Anyone charged with a serious criminal offence wants to reduce the amount of attention they will receive from the media.

It is Robert’s aim to ensure that his client’s exposure to the media is kept to an absolute minimum and their privacy is protected.

We have a planned protocol for dealing with high profile cases that often attract media attention.